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Omg this is a problem. I´ve been glued to tumblr since yesterday. New addicion?
Add me you guyz: seewhoiam
I need more lj friends over there :P

Nothing else to report. I´m bored and have a new default icon, KIM SO YEON IS SO GORGEOUS ♥♥♥ SHE´S MY NEW GIRLFRIEND JSYK :P
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Aghh I wasn´t going to do this but whatever, it was necessary lol.

Love Shuffle picspam! 8D Ojiro/Kairi moments only. And not all of them, there were moar. Lots of spoilers so if you´re going to watch Love Shuffle and don´t want to be spoiled, don´t look! If you´ve already watched it or if you don´t mind the spoilers then definitely take a look. Warning: too much prettiness ahead 8DDDDD
It´s seriously going take me a while to get over these two.

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dbsg fighting!

I´ve just seen Dong Bang Shin Ki in my TV aldkfjalsjfd!! They were in the news, wtfwtf. I even recorded it lolol. So exciting!! :DDDD

Yes, pointless post. Sorry about that. BUT BUT DBSG IN MY TV wiii ROFL.
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Title: The Beauty and the Beast
Author: seewhoiam
Pairing: Mohinder/Sylar
Disclaimer: I own nothing, blah blah blah.
Rating: PG
Summary: MORE CRACK. This is my version of the Beauty and the Beast, with Mohinder and Sylar as the main characters, Peter as the candlestick, Hiro as the clock and Nathan as Gaston. I can´t explain where this came from, I went insane.

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